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After Spencer Pratt called Lisa Kudrow The "Worst Human," Diane Keaton Postes Back About Her

Spencer Pratt has previously criticised her for allegedly making rude comments about his appearance

Diane Keaton contributed to the Lisa Kudrow controversy and said more positive things

Of course, this followed Spencer Pratt's TikTok post in which he called the "Friends" star "the rudest celebrity I've ever met"

"Hands down, one of the worst people I've ever come across. So far", he said of Lisa, with Bethenny Frankel echoing his comments

Recalling his experience in a follow-up message, Spencer said that he met Lisa in 2009, when he and Heidi Montag attended a "Class A party at the NBC president's house", where it was "clear" that "nobody wanted [them] there"

"It was almost as if we were filming Punk'd and the camera came out, but Heidi and I didn't care," he explained. "There was delicious food, an open bar and an amazing view of the Malibu ocean."

Spencer said they were eating when "Phoebe [Lisa Kudrow] walked up, which was a bit of a shock because nobody was talking to us during the party"

"And right in front of me, she tells Heidi that she needs to get away from me as soon as possible because I'm going to kill Heidi and that I have the eyes of a serial killer," Spencer recalled

Adding that Lisa didn't laugh or anything before she left. "And that is the rudest moment I've ever encountered in dealing with a human being."

In the midst of the drama, Diane posted a message about Lisa - without directly addressing the situation with Spencer

The message included a video of Lisa performing Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive", interspersed with scenes from her most famous TV and film projects. "I LOVE LISA KUDROW!!!" Diane wrote below the video

Lisa herself reacted, calling Diane "iconic" and "legendary" in the comments

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