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The Suspect who Allegedly Beheaded His Ex-Girlfriend In Public has been caught

Witnesses called the police, but when they arrived, 27-year-old Karina Castro was already dead

The suspect, who allegedly beheaded his ex-girlfriend on a California street, was arrested, police said on Friday

Jose Rafael Solano Landaeta, 33, was arrested on murder charges after allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend Karina Castro, 27, outside her apartment in a domestic dispute in the Bay Area of San Carlos on Thursday at around 11.50am

According to the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, witnesses called the police during the attack, but Ms Castro was already dead when officers arrived

Local media reported that the weapon was a sword, but the authorities described it only as a "knife tool"

Castro is the mother of two children, one of whom is the one-year-old daughter of Landaeta

After the attack, Landaeta fled on foot two blocks away, but later returned to the crime scene unarmed, sheriff's officials said. He was arrested and booked into jail, where he remains without bail

"I already miss her," Karina's father Martin Castro told KRON4. "My heart is empty without her. She was my best friend."

On Friday, he mourned at the scene of the murder. Several of Carina Castro's friends also wrote tributes to her on Facebook

The mayor of San Carlos, Sara MacDowell, said in a statement that the community remains shocked by this "tragic" murder

The San Carlos Community Foundation and the City of San Carlos have also set up a contribution fund for the children of Karina Castro. According to the website, 100% of the donations will go to her children

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